About Us

Serving customers nationwide, Diversified Telecom Services, LLC is a telecom equipment company that buys all brands of excess equipment. Whether you have replaced or are liquidating or simply down-sizing, lets our buyers take out of service telecom assets off your hands.

We buy all brands of business phone systems, business phones, and Cisco™ networking equipment. With a variety of business connections, you can count on us to utilize our diverse contacts; saving you valuable time while maximizing your return.

Telecom Equipment CompanyIn business for over 20 years, Diversified Telecom Services, LLC keeps your world uncluttered by purchasing and reselling your out-of-service equipment. We accomplish this with personalized service from start to finish.

Our professionals take the time to identify your inventory, system contents, and phone types. In this way, you receive optimum prices for your equipment. Plus, you receive a check from us right away for the full amount.  We do not charge any percentage for our services. And...no waiting on a consignment listing.

We also determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to deinstall and ship your equipment. In fact, to minimize your expense, we pay to have
 everything shipped.